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AGOS (e) Shop through its Online Portal offers Digital Signatures under the CA Sify SafeScrypt for the Subscribers who intend to file the Income Tax Return, Filing of Documents with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Tendering and DGFT Filings with a Digital Signature Certificate. AGOS (e) Shop offers Digital Signature of all Class (Class 2 & Class 3) which is as per the guidelines issued by the CCA (Controllers of Certifying Authorities). We have solutions to further enhance the Digital Signature Security and providing Storage Devices. AGOS (e) Shop also offers Franchisee / LRA’ Ship / Distributorship opportunities to issuing digital Signature Certificates. With the Enhanced and Efficient systems we ensure Certificate issuance on 24 x 7 x 365 basis thereby facilitating improved services by our Partners. We offer completely white Labeled Digital Signature Issuance Systems for our Partners for their Branding.

Our Approach:

At the first instance, we give utmost Importance to the Customer Security and Privacy. We strive to inculcate all the measures to attain the Privacy of Digital Signature Certificate. Our systems allow subscribers to generate their Keys Pair and download the Private Key (DSC). The very next which lies to Security, is the Value & Knowledge addition to the Customers. We at AGOS (e) Shop truly believe to spread the light of knowledge and help our customers to understand the cause and the Effect Relationship. Our Specially tailored FAQ, Video Tutorials, Knowledge Bank serves our Purpose.